All the Ways You Can Help!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your encouragement and support of Write to Be and our work to mentor our pen-pals in Les Cayes, Haiti. We are preparing for our 3rd annual
"Fi Ki Fò" week and we still need help to make it successful.

How can you help?

Girls Running Shoes (Size 5-9, Women)
Nice Sandals for Church (All Sizes, Women & Girls)
Yoga Mats
Soccer Balls
New Kids Underwear
Kids Clothes
White Printing Paper
Glue (Sticks and Squeeze Bottles)

Right now, we are at 55% of our fundraising goal. Any donation, big or small, will make a difference.

Last year, thanks to your generous support, we were able to hire Love Jah, a young Haitian woman to translate and help with our programming, hold a cooking class where our pen-pals taught us the skills they learned last year, and ensure the sustainability of the year-long Fi Ki Fò program.

We hope to do the same this year-- and more!
Thank you,
Write to Be

We Need Your Help

Thank you for your continued support of Write to Be and our Fi Ki Fò program supporting the girls of Espwa orphanage in Les Cayes, Haiti!
Our tickets are officially booked, and we’re excited to travel to Haiti for our third annual trip beginning May 29. We have a full week of activities planned with the girls such as learning about strong women in history, cooking, developing leadership and problem solving skills, and other creative activities.

We can’t do this without your help! Our goal is to raise $3,500 to help cover supplies, programming and a small portion of travel expenses.

When asked last year about their experience in Fi Ki Fò week, 100% of the girls said Fi Ki Fò week made them proud to be a girl. We are excited to continue this unique opportunity to create a safe, welcoming space to celebrate with one another what it means to be strong young women. 

As always, thank you for your generous support.

Write to Be

P.S. If you live in the DC area, we’ll have more information coming soon about a local fundraising happy hour!

Our 2nd Year of Fi Ki Fò

Write to Be recently kicked off the 2nd year of our Fi Ki Fò (strong girl) program. We added seven new girls who will be taking English and French classes, participating in our pen pal program and our monthly strong girl activities.

We are so excited to be working with all of our girls — older and younger — and look forward to watching them grow and learn about just how strong they truly are.

Recently, our girls participated in yoga classes with teachers who came in from town. For five days, the girls learned not only how to successfully do a sun salutation and how to breath deeply, but also how to eat well, take responsibility, and spread love every day.

Our program is growing thanks to your generous support.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without the help of so many friends of Write to Be. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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RECAP: June 6 Update

We returned from Haiti on June 6 after spending a week with our pen pals. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your generous support that helped make it all possible.

We posted live updates on Facebook. If you missed them, click here.
But before you do, here’s a Fi Ki Fò (strong girl in Creole) photo recap of our week:

The pals designed their own olympic medals to describe what makes them strong.

The pals designed their own olympic medals to describe what makes them strong.

Kelsey and Rachel led a discussion on how to handle a conflict with friends.

Kelsey and Rachel led a discussion on how to handle a conflict with friends.

Highlight of the week was the Fi Ki F  ò   drum circle.    WATCH    the video.

Highlight of the week was the Fi Ki Fò drum circle. WATCH the video.

Nancy, Courtney, and Dailove (left to right) at our special dinner at the beach to recognize our pen pals and their Fi Ki Fò program teachers.

Nancy, Courtney, and Dailove (left to right) at our special dinner at the beach to recognize our pen pals and their Fi Ki Fò program teachers.

Again, this amazing week would not have been possible without you, and the friends of Write to Be and our Fi Ki Fò program. 
 We are home but our work certainly is not over. Stay tuned for future updates and visit to learn about our ongoing efforts to expand educational opportunities for our pen pals in Les Cayes, Haiti.
 Write to Be

We need your help

The Write to Be team is heading to Haiti again to lead a 7-day workshop with our Fi Ki Fò (strong girl) friends, full of activities on girl power, leadership, self-esteem, and fun! Planned activities include: chalkboard murals, self-defense classes, journal decorating, building sustainable gardens….and much more!


We need your help to cover supplies, programming and some travel expenses, such as those pesky luggage fees!

Any additional funds raised will be used to fund the yearlong Fi Ki Fò skills-training program, which you can learn more about here.

Thank you for your generous support.

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Kicking Off the New Semester


On January 11, we started our second semester of the Fi Ki Fò program, where the girls will continue to develop their sewing, French, and English skills. Once a week the girls will also start to learn basic cooking and computer skills!

This past month we also were fortunate to have Samson, Les Cayes’ top yoga instructor, lead a 5-day introduction to yoga and meditation. We had a great time learning new stretches and breathing exercises to relax.

This month has also been filled with fun activities led by visitors:

A Fi Ki Fò   Drum Circle

A Fi Ki Fò Drum Circle

Photography classes

A new Fi Ki Fò Mural!

A new Fi Ki Fò Mural!

Happy Holidays from Write to Be!

We are so proud of our “Fi Ki Fò” young ladies who spent an extra three hours a day for the last 3.5 months participating in sewing, French, English, and decoration classes.

They have learned how to take measurements and sketch a pattern, embroider, decorate for an event, converse in French, and are now able to have a few conversations with their pen-pals in English!

To celebrate the girls and teachers’ hard work, we went to the beach for a dinner — and impromptu photo shoot! We are looking forward to another hard-working semester this coming year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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Happy International Day of the Girl

Why is this important?

First, here is the good news:

“For every extra year a girl stays in school, her income can increase by 15 to 25 %.”

“When 10% more of its girls go to school a country’s GDP increases an average of 3%.”

But, today:

“1.4 billion people around the world live on $1.25 a day. 70% of this group is made up of women and girls.”

“There are 62 million girls are missing from primary and secondary school.”

In 2011, to raise awareness for these issues, the UN established October 11th as the official International Day of the Girl to bring awareness to inequality among women and girls across the world.

Today at Espwa, we celebrated by watching Wadley’s story, a young girl from Haiti who wouldn’t let anything, whether it was a lack of money or Haiti’s devastating earthquake, stop her from going to school.

We also heard from girls around the world what are the best things and hardest things about being a girl.

After, we wrote down reasons on pieces of paper of why we’re proud to be girls, and why it is important to celebrate the official Day of the Girl. We connected the paper slips to make a festive paper chain!

And, of course, what is a celebration without cake?!

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