Write to Be provides mentorship, empowerment and skills training for adolescent girls who are living in Les Cayes, Haiti. Living in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, opportunity is bleak for the young girls we work with. Many of our participants are 4–5 years behind in school and have minimal opportunity to attend vocational school or university. Despite these challenges, Write to Be aims to equip these girls with skills that can empower them to become self-sufficient when it is time for them to live on their own.

A key to feeling empowered is having a strong encouraging support network. Girls participating in Write to Be are each paired with a young professional woman in the United States who correspond monthly via letters and teleconferencing on topics such as goal setting, role models, and self-identity.

To provide vocational training, Write to Be funds the “Fi Ki Fò” program, meaning “strong girl” in Creole. The program provides the girls throughout the school year with an additional 6-10 hours of classes a week to learn vocational skills from Haitian women in the community such as sewing, cooking, art, and English.

Every year, Write to Be participants in the US and Haiti come together for a culminating seven day workshop full of Fi Ki Fò activities on girl empowerment, leadership, self-esteem, and fun!