Write to Be provides mentorship, empowerment, and skills training for adolescent girls who are living in Les Cayes, Haiti. Living in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, opportunity is bleak for the young girls we work with. Many of our participants are 4–5 years behind in school and have minimal opportunity to attend vocational school or university. Despite these challenges, Write to Be aims to equip these girls with skills that can empower them to become self-sufficient when it is time for them to live on their own.

Creative Curriculum: Through the Fi Ki Fo Program (“Strong Girl in Haitian Creole”) girls participate in a weekly after-school program to discuss topics of self-esteem and identity, healthy relationships, and learn about resources to be successful in their community. This curriculum is developed through a collaboration of education professionals in Les Cayes and the United States.

Examples of topics covered in the after-school program include: 

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Mentorship: One key to feeling empowered is having a strong encouraging support network. Girls participating in the Fi Ki Fo Program are each paired with both an international mentor and a local mentor. Local mentors consisting of professional women in Haiti develop meaningful relationships with mentees by discussing topics like personal and professional goals, career interests, and conflict-resolution. International mentors - professional women in the United States - help mentees practice their English language through teleconference calls and pen pal letters, and provide a global context to female empowerment through cross-cultural learning.

Skills-Training: Through Write to Be’s network of professionals in Les Cayes, Fi Ki Fo participants learn and explore vocational skills to prepare them for adult life. 

Examples of skills girls can learn through the Fi Ki Fo Program include: 

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